The Alberello vineyards.

In the countryside of Salento, you can walk on a red land, greedy for sun. Beyond the dry stone walls – very detailed stone sculptures indissolubly bound to one another – you get lost in a beautiful expanse of vineyards, rich in history – the real soul of Schola Sarmenti. Looking at generations of vines – from the young giving fresh and easy-drinking wines to the 80-year-old ones – is a great pleasure for your eyes. An important choice that Schola Sarmenti made was to preserve an old Apulian training system, called Alberello – a vine training method so hard as precious – used since ancient times. It just needs strong and clever hands to give high quality and prestigious wines. Fiano, Negroamaro, Primitivo are our autochthonous vine varieties whose stories go back to time immemorable, authentic expression of a loving land, pampered from the gentle breeze of two seas.