Primitivo from 85-year-old vines

I.G.T. Salento Red

Limited production (numbered bottles)
85 years of history flow into the Schola Sarmenti older vines sap. A patient green pruning gives birth to this Primitivo wine, whose production is deliberately limited to focus on its excellent quality. The precious gift of a unique terroir; the work of clever, loving hands.

Grape variety:
Primitivo 100%

Average age of the vines:
About 85 years in limited production and in avarage age

Alberello, an Apulian head-trained system, at a density of about 4200 plants per hectare

500 to 700 grams per plant

Harvesting and wine-making:
Grapes are picked up by hand and gently laid down into little airy crates, arriving as whole bunches at the winery. Once there, grapes are further selected using an advanced sorting table.

Fourteen months in new medium-toasted French oak tonneaux; then, twelve months of further fining in bottles.

Alcohol content:

A very meticulous wine making for this superb Primitivo. This wine delivers a heady nose of red fruits and balsamic flavours that highlight its structure and complexity, ending with toasted nuances and strong spicy notes.

Your palate is nicely awakened by a velvet aromatic touch, evoking unexpected sensations. Its powerful tannins can extend smoothly without any excess. A never-ending finish makes it an exquisite wine giving a total satisfaction.

Serving temperature:
14°-17° C